About Us

A & T Autostyle provide a professional car upholstery service in Ireland for any type vehicles, and all other custom design works.

“We provide a professional car upholstery service in Ireland, Kilkenny. This is an upholstery service for any type of car,bike, truck, boat or plane, you name it. We restore car interiors for vintage cars or create new interiors for any car make. We cover in real leather seats, dashboards, steering-wheel, door panels, roof lining. We recover damage seats, carpets, door panel ends. The list is endless. The bottom line is, we love cars, we love to do highest quality job to make our customers happy. Our priority is quality and we always take care of our customers from start to finish and long after the job is done.”


Unique in his field as a high quality specialist in car interiors he and his team have since built up a successful business, refurbishing anything from authentic classic cars to modern makes,  boat interiors, bikes and furniture.

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